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Terms of Use

Attention viewer.

Any visitor using, viewing, displaying or taking part of our site or it content must agree fully to these terms. All content on this website is copyrighted and owned by 5dope, legal actions will be pursued against anyone sharing any of our content without our consent, be it quotes, written words or otherwise things put out of context or not. Everything is the property of 5dope.

Content on this site is theoretical.

Content displayed on this website is to be interpretated (by you) as either: neutral, theoretical, jokes, humour, sarcastic, imaginary, fantacy, news, ideas, thoughts and opinions in the most positive way imaginable. You agree that people have the fundamental right to express themselves in every way they please without the consequences of violent (or legal) repercussions against them and that written or spoken words have no physical or mental impact on you (or other people) and will never will have, ever. You agree that everything and anything can and should be discussed with a neutral approach.


You enter this website at your own risk. You understand that you have full responsibility for your own actions and for content on this website that might (or might not) cause you harm. You agree that you are not conducting in any criminal activities. You understand that 5dope isn't providing you any service and therefore have no responsibilities towards you in any way. You are of legal age (or with guardians consent) and capable of entering into this binding agreement.

Interpretation Exclamation.

You agree to interpretate everything in a neutral manner, that includes, (but is not limited to) things that might appear as: threatening, bad intents, incitement, death threats, anger, hate speech, hate crimes, slander, defamation, flame war, racism, homophobia, etc. These things are for you seen as: jokes, irony, sarcasm, humour, methods of arguments, discussion, debate, facts, science, satire, art and/or critisism and should never be misstaken for illegal/immoral acts or illegal statements/terms or expressions. You shall interpretate everything in the most positive way ever imaginable. You agree that only faschist states bann or censor certain beliefs, religions, ethnicity, culture, background, expressions, books, scientific studies, free information, the way people talk/terms and/or words. You disagree fully with faschism as an ideology and fully believe in individualism and individual freedom as well as the freedom of speech. You agree that every single individual who expresses himself has the absolute, exclusive and full interpretative precedence rights to his own mind, his own words, either they been spoken and/or manifested in words/artisticly for the public to see. You realise that written words must allways be interpretated in this absolute netural way, since there otherwise is room for malicious missinterpretation of words put out of context, which would censor valueable discussion material and thus limiting freedom speech, that is unacceptable, therefore, each and every sentence on this site must be interpretated by you in a 100% neutral way. You fully agree that there will be no consequences for any of these words. Content on this site is for educational purposes only and no one should ever try, partake or participate in any illegal activities that may or may not be discussed on this website, if you do, then that is your own sole responsibility and 5dope obviously disagree with your every action. If you disagree with any of our content simply close your eyes and leave this website immediately. Words cannot and will never hurt you in any way possible, and if it does it's your own sole responsibility, you got only yourself to blame for letting yourself get manipulated, fooled, tricked or letting certain sentences, cultures or words to get to your nerve and thus letting it provoke you.

Intellectual Properties.

You hereby grant 5dope an infinite, eternal, worldwide, global, irrevocable and unlimited license to use, display, distribute, broadcast and otherwise exploit content that you might provide to us directly or indirectly, be it ideas, information, concepts, arts, crafts, and/or intellectual properties of physical, digital and/or imaginary character.

Legal Disagreements.

If you by any means threaten us, spread false rumours, slander, or try to sue us, prosecute us, persecute us, stalk us, take legal repercussions against us, financially damage us or similarly try to limit/stop or censor our website and/or the members/owners of our community website (in any way) then you are liable to pay a penalty fee that is plausible and relative to the damage (or potential damage) you've caused/done and is applied in order to protect The Freedom of Speech Act & The Humans Rights Act and also to prevent you from displaying and/or acting upon similar behaviours and/or actions in the future. This penalty fee is determined by us and will be at minimum 25 percent the revenue of your annual income for one year and will be used to pay for the costs and benefits of our website and for the potential damage or imaginary damage you've caused. You have to transfer these financial means to our banking account within 30 days, if you do not pay within 30 days from that we have notified you then an additional fee of 15 percent will be added to the total sum of your debt annually until the new total sum has been fully transfered. If you are being unreachable during this 30 days period, you must must pay your debt immediately. You may also be banned for your entire lifespan as a punishment and are therefore forbidden to use, share or participate in our platform in any way. Doing so must result in an additional penalty fee of EXTREME value that will literally put you (or your organisation, company or any other form of legal being) in debt to us for the rest of your existence. So be fully aware and be warned. This agreement is binding for the rest of your entire life span. Be fully certain on your case before going after us. Be sure to contact us with your potential concern in forehand or else pay the ultimate price as a result of your own actions. We will not give in to threats or violations against us. We will find you and make you pay. This is not a threat, this is both a warning and a promise. You may discuss anything you want with your friends, but don't mention this site. You can link it and refer the OPT's for support. Just be careful and use comon sense, alright? This part of the agreement is for people with malicious intent or people who knowingly or unknowingly destroys this sites reputation or tries to shut us down in any way.

Legal interpretations.

This agreement is to be interpretated by 5dope and a licensed lawyer that must be loyal to us.


You agree that 5dope can change this agreement at any place in time without notifying you and without your concent, this so that we may better explain/clarify our positions or in order to prevent certain possible targeted missinterpretations aimed at our organisation, for example bribed government officials that may or may not desperatly try to find other faults and/or loopholes in this binding treaty). This treaty applies to any person, non-person, organization, government, country or global leaders. You explicitly agree to all of our terms in this binding agreement to the fullest extent and must follow every rule of this partition. Or else you may leave at this very instance to never return or speak of this website ever again, erase it from your memory, or be ware of the substantial consequenses.


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