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Tommy Robinson censorship


19-07-17 1 at.18:21


Tommy Robinson a English journalist was put in jail 2 YEARS for questioning muslims child molestors.

These videos will probably be removed soon!!

This is straight up, pure outrage!!!! The civil war in the West is soon here! Faschism is strong in the government!

He got sentenced 2 years for quote: "Making the rapists uncomfortable", which obviously is BS. This is nothing but North Korea style censorship. And anyone mentioning his name will get banned or limited on every social media platform, such as Twitter, IG, Facebook, Google and Youtube!

Youtube removed this account. Much like they did with Alex Jones. The government removed all his means of communication. Same with Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from Facebook amongs other social platforms.

The faschist communists are going at it now. The globalist leaders are trying to limit our freedom of expression! This is no fucking game!


19-07-28 2 at.20:25


Tommy Robinsons Youtube channel has now been taken down and his videos soon deleted.

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(Edited: 19-07-28 2 at.20:25)

19-08-03 0 at.01:04


The English government've officially removed Tommy from all social media. (And censored ANYONE talking about him).

I'll be protesting tomorrow in Sweden. 3 aug.

Hope they put me in jail to.

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