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Muslim Radicals in England


19-08-05 1 at.10:59


Pakistani Muslim Radical debating Tommy Robinson:

He doesn't condemn Hesbollah. Because Sunni muslims agree with terrorism. 80% of all muslims agree with terrorism against non-moslem. 80% of muslims are SUNNAH. You must realize this. You cannot integrate these people. In fact, these people want to "integrate" YOU.

They rule with the Hadith and Sharia.

Promoting death to non-believers and Jews. Every muslim acknowledge that Muhammad was/is a violent leader. Some schoolars say Muhammad is equal to God.

Learn more about Islam from Imam Mohamad from Iran:

I truly recommend. Just take 30 minutes of your day to learn a little about Islam.

Just 30 minutes. You don't need to watch it all.

I fucking beg of you.


19-08-05 1 at.11:36


This is why Islam as an Religion will never change:

The son of Muhammad tried to reform the violent religion, what happens? He was slaughtered and beheaded for being an infidel.

If the grandson of prophet Muhammad cannot reform even 1 Fatwa. Who can reform the entire Islam? No one can.

And no one has for over thousand years.

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