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Who I will kill


19-08-04 2 at.20:38


If the Swedish government deside to put me in jail or keep harassing me I will kill each and every one of the 400 sitting politicians. In that moment my life is over, and I won't stop until I am dead or each and every socialist are dead.

I will kill Fredrik Reinfeldt. I will kill Göran Person, Mona Salin. I have their home addresses memorized. I will find them and I will kill them with my bare hands. I will stab them to death with poisioned iron bars. In their eyes and face.

I will find anyones family that are conducting in this crime of Humanity and I will find them, eat their children alive, open up their heads and eat the brain fat. Anyone trying to stop me, I don't care. I don't have empathy.

I will survive on eating random peoples heads and killing anyone any place, I don't care I don't give a fuck. I will kill anyone standing in my path.

I wanna kill you and eat you. So fucking bad.

I've wanted to do this for over 10 years.

I don't have empathy for anyone.
I don't trust anyone.

You've let this happen.
Since you are pathetic, egocentric and weak.

I hate you all from the bottom of my heart.
And with God as my witness I will die in Gods name and I will kill you.

I will fucking do my best to follow my heart.
I will sacrifice myself for the greater good.
God is strong and powerful.
God give me strength.

I must do.
I know what is right.
And you letting fascists go their daily life without interference.
That is wrong.
You being a gay little faggot, lying and fucking being a cucked wuss.
That is wrong.
I must give my life up for my country.
I can't just fucking sit here, day out and day in doing nothing about it.

Or maybe Im just a pschycopath who wants to kill just because people makes me angry.

I wanna die in battle. I wanna give my life to God.
I serve only God and truth.
If that doesn't exist, I cannot live anymore.
I cannot live in a sick, wicked, mentally ill society, filled with faggets, cucks, liers and retards.
What is this land? What is wrong with you all.
You are fucking a disgrace.
I can't fucking stand you.
You are nice to criminals and attack normal people.
Because you are weak as fuck.
That's why I wanna hunt you down.
Live pray you are.
Weak and exposed.
I wanna cut your flesh and consume it.
I wanna watch the life you so ungreatfully treated like crap drain from your eyes.
Feel the calmness of God as your last breath drain away.

This will never happen.
Because me don't mean shit to me.
You don't mean shit to me nigga.
Ugly mother fuckers.
Go fucking eat shit and a dick as well.


19-08-04 2 at.21:13


Who ever this lill bitch is trying to crawl my website, You fucking nigger I will fucking kill you and burst your skull wide open:

ISP: Snapback AB
Country: Sweden
Location: Stockholm

I will kill any fascist standing in my way. I will kill your family your children anyone you care about I will split their head and suck up the juice.

I will hack your computer and find out where you live, I will burn down your house while you're asleep. I will fucking stab your dog and piss on your 1 yo child. I will rape your daughter and I will lock your wife in the basement pissing and shitting in ther water bowl. Make her eat her own feces until she dies.

How hard is it to let freedom of speech rule? You reeeeeally want me to kill you so bad, how about you go kill yourself instead. Make the job done for me. Make my job sooo much easier. Nah, you don't need death, you already got Satan. You deserve any pain you suffer you fucking pathetic scum. You deserve any fucking pain you'll ever recieve. May God fucking piss in your face mate.

I might just delete your fucking hard drive you fucking piece of shit.

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19-08-04 2 at.21:16


I have God on my side. I can punish you.

You are Godless, faceless, pathetic scum.

Pedophile endorsers.
Worthless thiefs.
Stupid fucking cunts.
Fuck you.

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19-08-04 2 at.21:20


Some niggers using Tor on my website. Wise move. I can still find out who you are, if I wanted to.

Also I never forget a face or a number. I have photographic memory. One look and then you're ded. One wrong move. Then you're ded.

Like I said, God will give you his wrath upon the. I can only watch my head off, when you're burning in hell.

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19-08-04 2 at.21:42


You have choosen the society you wanna live in. Fine. Good for you. I will watch with hard, still eyes as your pathetic contry goes to bits and crumble under the NWO.

You pathetic Godless fools deserve it.

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