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God give us Strength

God is our savior,
God gives us power.

We never circumsize to such filth as:

Greed, jealousy, fear, anger, irritation, being moody, feeling self-pity, sorrow, regret, guilt, arrogance, resentment, lies, false pride, superiority and egoism.

We find balance in mind, in order to understand the true meaning of this world. We need to be in a state of:

Joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and good faith.

Fear of Death.

The human nature and psychology is many times than not to act upon their egoism. They act egocentric because they are afraid. Egoism is a survival mechanism that is triggered once a threat appears. People don't want to die and they fear death. They fear God! That's why they act in certain ways to assure their own survival.

But everyone will die. So this fear is irrational and unnecessary. The meaning of life is not to survive, because as I said already, we all die, the meaning of life is simply to live and live it in the best way possible. Life in itself, is simply an opportunity to grow and develop yourself.

But when we feel like we've failed in life, that is also egoism, that is wrong. Because you cannot fail in life, you can only develop as a person. Even when you think you're not a good person. If you aren't a good person then go ahead and prove yourself wrong. Everyone are a good person. Even murdurers, rapists, criminals, slaughterers, etc. They are simply lost and has been tricked by themselves to believe otherwise. They live in a constant state of fear. And when you're there the only thing that can save you is bravery, courage and truth within.

Fear is actually the cause of many things. Like greed, sorrow, sadness, etc. Religion has been used for a long time as a tool to manipulate people using fear, rather than actually helping people. Who haven't heard the phrase: "Taste Gods wrath!" or similarly. Religion for the comon man is nothing but a political tool to gain power and money. Religious people who feel fear do not really know God, they know only how to fear. But for the wise man, religion can be a great tool to gain inner strength, much like philosophy and science are great sources of information as well. History in general is always a good tool to gain knowledge about things. Any history will give substance to things and set things in perspective. The more different the story and more relative the more interesting it gets. You can learn things from every person and every culture. The more you know, the more accurate will your assumptions be. Obviously. But for most people, it is not necessary. Our minds are limited to our brain capacity anyways, yet open to so much more. We'll get into it in just a bit.

Fear usually cause people to strive for social status, social hierachies, such primitive and quite frankly, disgusting things, unfortunally in my opinion. Fear of becoming an outcast give fear in people to give in to group behaviours such as; drinking alcohol, smoking, tattoes, seeking attention, prostitution, greed, drugs, etc. Only weak individuals contaminate themselves with such matters. Im not saying this to bring you down, just to make you understand that these behaviours are not acceptable, and I think you already know this. Im sorry. This doesn't make you a bad person, it simply means you are giving in to easily to your own fears. Maybe you didn't even know this behaviour is considered primitive and weak, well now you know. Subconsciously or consciously this behaviour is indeed egocentric and only meant to please the ego. It brings literally no good. People who lie to themselves sometimes have a hard time understand why they are so unhappy, well this is the cause. Of cause you'll be unhappy when you do something that you really don't want to do, but you're "forced" and "give in" to your fears, so to not appear as a weak person, you must lie to yourself to make up for it, and thus creating a down ward spiral towards darkness. That's my guess.

Every evil thing is powered by fear. If your an evil dictator and want to manipulate a crowd, simply scare them and please their egos and they shall do what ever you please.

This has been known by the upper class for centuries. Not only by the church, but the Knights Templar, the NWO, the Rothschilds Banking System, Rockefeller Oil and the Bilderberg Group. Turn people against each other, remove sound values, control the masses by mainstream PC media, and you'll own the world. People who are only interested in power, money and greed and find joy in controlling masses, much like the cat enjoys watching the mouse crawl away slowly from it's death while waiting for a second attack patiently. It's hard to gasp for some people that the world are run by a top elite of a few leaders. But this has been the case for a long, long time. And it works really well. Especially since they are good at exploiting the humans fragile mind.

What is Death?

The reason people fear death is because it is the unknown. The abyss.

No one knows what death is, and that is why it is so scary and makes people fear it. What people don't know or cannot predict they fear greatly. Most people live by rules, social rules, old habits and they rarely think outside this little bubble or box they've been trapped in by themselves. Why is this? Because it is safe and secure and makes them feel warm and happy. Or so they think. In reality they are simply afraid of being outcasts so they please their own egoism by acting just like everyone else, and not their own true self. This too is caused by this unnatural fear of death. Because once, you know death, you will accept. Once you face death and understand the cause, you'll become brave.

Many people are actually misserable, depressed, but simply to dumb to change themselves, because they don't want to. That is the cold harsh truth unfortunally. But you should never blame yourself or others for wrong doing. Everyone does something wrong. Sometimes unknowingly, sometimes knowingly, these are the thing we can improve on within time. You should accept your misstakes and try to improve. You should accept other peoples mistakes and move on. Don't beat yourself down for anything, never. Just chill and learn from it. You need to forgive yourself as you forgive others. You need a deeper understanding of how things work, search for truth and compasion and if you can't understand something then just accept it. I understand, that's all that matters lol :D Im pretty smart. Not to brag or anything. It's just true.

Some people assume that after life, comes death, nothingness, everything turns black and you're gone for eternity, trapped in the darkness for ever. Which is wrong and I will logically deduct why this must be false.

What is Nothingness?

"Hey Steve! What did you do last night?"
"Oh, well, you know nothing in particular!"

This does not mean that you didn't do anything last night, because obviously you did. Nothing is simply a word people but on things that they do not know or don't want to define.

Nothing is something unknown, but that doesn't mean there isn't something else there.

The definition of nothing is as follows; The absense of something/existance itself.

Well, just because there isn't something in particular that you are expecting existing right there and then doesn't mean there isn't something there at all. What we learn from science is that there is allways something new to be found, since the world is infinite.

Nothing is simply a fancy word we put on things that aren't discovered yet. But once we discover the unknown, it becomes something we know. Then it becomes something.

What is Something?

If there only exist thing, what are things? Short answer, they are life.

You are a living being, that is true, but what many people doesn't understand is that everything is life. Humans sometimes speak as if only creatures with a brain could have a consciousness. But in reality everything does. I'll show you how.

What defines a consciousness? Your consciousness is created by your brain. So science tells us. But we emerged from fishes a long time ago due to Biological Evolution. Did these fish have consciousness? Our brain developed from the nerve in their spinal cord. Maybe that's their brain. And how do they function without an consciousness? Primitive nerve spasms? Who controls those spasms? The clear answer is that they are indeed conscious, like all other creatures. We, or at least I, can see this consciousness in most other things, down to a quantum level. We have flowers, who consiously follow the sun, some plants I've seen follow the darkness (I don't know why, maybe they are depressed?). I see little insects crawl and run around like crazy, they have a clear path and different personalities. Small, small spiders searching for pray, interacting with their environment. Of course they have a consciousness, if you do, why not them? Brain size is irrelevant. You can experience and interact with your surroundings with much much smaller nervous systems. Trees have metabolism and they feel pain, they even bleed, just like you and me. They open and close their leaves during night and they feel the surrounding weather conditions and seasons and make concious decisions about them. Some trees die because of the wrong decicions or weaker immune system. Bacteria too, interact and make billions upon billions of consciouss desicions in your body to protect it from harm. Even stones are life, their atoms interact in a very cool way, they create the world we live in by their own social structure. We seem to think that our universe is predictable, just because it usually acts in a certain way, well it's not, it can change. Just because you find patterns doesn't mean these patterns are for ever. Everything in life changes. We can't even observe atoms and quantum particles are not even grasped yet. No man can copy nature, only watch and mimic. Science is our way to predict the unpredictable. There are rules in the universe, yet these rules can change. Just because the sun is shining today, doesn't mean it cannot explode tomorrow. Speed of light was said to be the fastest. Now it is quantum teleportation, which transfer particles instantly through space, thanks to the second dimension. There are multiverses probably beyond as far as infinity itself stretch. Bending space itself can also be used to travel faster than what the rules prohibit. Everything we see and can observe are infinitely complex, their consciousness is just as vivid as ours, no matter their own size. Size is relative. You think you are big, but are small in comparison to the universe itself. The interactions we all have with eachother, together makes us one hugely complex and big consciousness with unlimited opportunities and wealth.

All things are living and existing forms of their own consciousness. You aren't atoms, you are you. You aren't bacteria, you are made of them, but you are you and them are themselves. Together maybe us humans are building blocks that create another bigger consciousness.

Where do consciousness come from?

We've established that everything is consciouss, million upon billion of consciouss minds interact to create reality. Where do all of these minds emerge from?

Where were you before life existed? Before your birth? You where simply one piece of random atoms spread out in the universe and then pieced together by your mom and dad. This atomic code was your first being. Random atoms collected in masses as sperms and eggs and then developed into a fetus. This fetus grow stronger until it was you. During this time the atomic code was changed and it is still constantly changing as times goes, it will never be same for more than a microsecond, or ever. That is you. These atoms always existed and when you die, your atoms will spread out once more to create new life. You will still exist, but in another form, a wider more broader form of being. It is the place you once knew, the place you once belonged to, that's the place you'll return to. What ever that place is, that place you came from, it is the same place you must go after life.

All minds must belong to this form of God.

The only thing we can know for certain is that life is infinite. Since no matter where you look, there will always be something. Since once you know the unknown, it becomes something you know.

Once you face your fears, the illusion of fear becomes obsolete and all you will know within this moment is bravery.

Deduction of God.

So what, where, whom is this God figrue, creator of things, stuff and such?

God is simply put a natural mechanism that creates each and every consciousness in this world. How? I have no clue, but he must exist. And no, im not assuming his gender, this is tradition, God is neither he/she or it, God is an mechanism of nature, so we might as well call him; him or she if you're a female/homosexual, but I am a male and I do what I want.

How do we know God exists even?

Because of this simple reason: You didn't create yourself. No. Your consciouss mind is illusive and thus by another mechanism.

The feared egoist inside you might say: no, the mind is simply an illusion by the brain. Which is parcially true. But you see the world as black and white, as laws and predictable, because once again of your security. You are simply afraid of the unknown. And fooling yourself into thinking the world is easy to understand traps you in this thought, but in reality the world is much more random and things are not what they seem. What you need to see is that the illusion itself is created by God. I will go into it more.

What is time?

Time doesn't exist so to speak. Time is an history of events that we record, it becomes history. But history is in the past. The only thing that exist right now is this present moment.

In order to know God, you need to be present.

You need not to think about threats or things that could haunt you. Just let it go.
Think about nothing, and everything at the same time.
Just be, just look around you and see what is actually reality.
This will relax your mind.

Everything is always fine, in this particular moment.

Look! There is nothing here. Right now. This instant. You are fine!

God exist only in this infinite present moment. Time itself is infinite, because it always has been and always will be.

What is the present moment?

It is a dream. Everything surrounding you is a dream. When you die, you go to sleep. A deep sleep. Your brain stops functioning but you still remain, which is interesting. Your brain activity cease to exist, but still your consciousness remains and the memory. The memory is the history and since God is infinitely big, every memory still remains. Which makes time travel possible. Quite cool, huh? Everything is possible in this life and the next. I've seen the changes with my own eyes. I've seen God as he gave me a sign. I first thought I must be insane, I must be going crazy. Well, there is a fine line between crazy and blessed. I sure hope it was the latter.

I see the world as a dream, because nothing really makes sense. The laws of physics are weird and not logical, they seem made up and we cannot predict them, which makes this statement even more true. Since if they made sense, we would already understand them. But we don't, that is a paradox. When you are sleeping sometimes you can be so convinced about something that seem so logical so true, and then when you wake up you realised that in your dream you thought that horses where water and you drank it. Something stupid like that suddenly makes perfect sense in a dream.

When sleeping many parts of your brain is disconnected for resting, but even when your brain is half shut down, your consciousness remains. Thus, your consciouss mind will allways exist, even when you die. It will just become "smaller" and more vivid.

Weird things will suddenly start to make sense.

There are plenty of paradoxes in this world.

Time is one of them. We have Zeno's paradox, Hilberts paradox, Movement paradox, Grandfather paradox. If time existed, let's say we must wait a second. The time we would need to wait to reach a second would be infinitely long. Let me explain. We have an infinite sets of numbers, because you can always add one more. This means we have an infinite fraction of a second. Which means we should never be able to reach one second.

There is another paradox with movement. If I spin a pen in a circle, how do I know when it stops? Because there is an infinite amount of fractions, the pen should never be able to stop. In fact it should always be in a small state of movement, even as it seemingly stops.

There are also non matematical paradoxes. Like for in order to help someone you truly care about, you can't care about them at all. For example: If someone you love are in danger, you cannot panic or stress out, or surely the person you love will die. You need to not care wheater she dies or not, only then will you be calm enought in order to help her. This is true, at least for me.

Another one: If you want to be friends with someone you mustn't care about when they hurt you, but if someone hurt you, they can't be your friend, right? There are many paradoxes.

What is wisdom and what is intelligence?

Intelligence is the genetical capacity you've been given to do a certain set of tasks in a particularly effective way and thus knows exactly what to do.

Wisdom is to know that your mind might be good at some thing, but your knowledge always will be limited by the size of your skull and thus one can only guess.

What do we mean by that?

Guess? Faith? That has nothing to do with science some people say. In fact it has everything to do with science. Imagination and fantacy is a big part of imaging and theorizing how the world might work or turn out to be. But how ever complex theories, deductions or evidence we come up with it is still just that, imagination.

There is only faith by these simple facts: Your perception is made by someone/something else. For example, when you look at the sun, these are your eyes catching distant light particles that have traveled from far far away, during this time, what ever you are seeing right this moment, is not what is truly there, what you see is simply a delayed image of what has been. If you look at a star that is located million of billions of light years away, by the time this stars lights reach your eye, this star is since long time dead and have exploded into a super nova. Even as close as looking at a little pet rat, for the time the light take to reach your eye, the rat has moved already. What you see is not reality, it is simply what you believe to be reality. It is a fair guess.

A fair guess, that most of the times are accurate. But sometimes can be manipulated, mostly by your own mind, but also by nature itself. The mind is an interesting thing and so fragile as well. It is how we coupe with things that seems cruel or unfair. When in reality, this is just life. Without an negative there cannot be an positive. How can one feel happy if there was no sadness? Both are necessary. Both are okay. As long as there are in balance.

The fact is you don't know if what you see is true or not. But you believe it to be so. And thus it is true. If you don't believe your eyes, then surely it is not true, for you. There is only faith. And your faith is built upon your own experience, thoughts and beliefs. One to know this, one who realise that his own mind can and will be altered due to missinformation, only he can be truly neutral in his judgement. Your assumptions might not be right, they are actually most of the times wrong, but you will learn more and more with time. One who can accept his own mistakes, will grow in wisdom. He who deny his mistakes due to false pride or to enhance ones intellect, might be smart, might fool himself and others, but he might not be wise.

Good and evil? What are they?

Good and evil do they even exist? Everyone thinks they are good. I've heard even a pscychopatic killer who killed and molested his own daughter still thought he was a good person. Good and bad are relative. Everyone thinks of course that their own actions are justified. No matter how cruel or hypocritical or paradoxal their own behaviour might be.

Some people feel regret, but is that what defines good or bad? Your regret? Killers don't feel regret, does that make one good?

Is a cat good or bad? They usually kill birds and mouses just for the fun of it. Are wolves good or bad? They eat moose calfs for dinner. Are fishes good or bad? They eat each others. Are you good or bad? Say you're vegeratian, sure. But then you'll consume soy products. Which is a bean. Beans/seeds are literally babies of the plants. Plants are living organisms, just like you and me. Does that make you a child murdurer? No.

There is no good or bad. Everything is relative. A war hero killing lots of innocent people or people of war, is saluted as a "good" person, while the warrior on the other side is demened as a "evil" character. The ideology of "good and evil" are simply put, primitive. But nature doesn't care about good or bad. Nature is neutral.

There is only God.
And God is neutral.

Why do the cat kill birds? To play. Playing enhances his predatory instincts. Thus making him a better hunter. Better hunters have better chance of survival. The cat is simply enjoying himself, thus he is neither good or bad, he is simply living his life, because that's what cats do. If you are doing something that you truly in your heart believe to be true and right, then it is. No matter what others say. Everything is relative. That is another paradox of life, by the way. In order to be good, one must first be truly evil. Because lets say by your presumed standard, that killing anything would be murder, they one must simply starve to death, since that is the only way to never kill any other living thing. How ever that doesn't work, since you would still be a killer, since you killed yourself! So it's impossible not to be a killer.

It is not the act of killing that is being good or bad. It is your own knowledge that determines that. Most people are good people, since most people don't kill each others. If you know that people get sad when you kill them, then it's probably a good idea not to. That makes you empathic, you're avoiding trouble, great. So your good. But in theory, nature and God is neutral, so he wouldn't really care if you started killing folks and ate them. Food is food right? A pig probably gets sad too when you kill and eat his family, Im very certain and sure, but we still do it, without hesitation. Some people feel bad and become vegetarians, but that doesn't work since they are still eating something anyways. The plants obviously don't like being eaten either. Nothing likes to get killed, that's the point here, but everyone will die anyways so it is ok. It doesn't really matter, not to God and not to nature itself.

One shouldn't be sad or angry when someone dies, that is unnecessary since the person is simply returning to where ever he came from. We are celebrating birth and should be celebrating death as well. Since that's just a good farewell. Being sad for your loss is simply just egocentric, since you believe to have "lost something you owned", "a part of you", this is not true, and crying won't bring a person back or help them. It might help them in the afterlife if you embrase their memory, but not being sad or angry. You are allowed to be sad or angry, just get it over with and then move on in life.

Good and evil are relative and doesn't really matter. What matters is your faith in what's good and how to get there.

You will always hurt other people/things by living, there's no avoidting that. Have you ever stepped on an ant or a frog? Did you purposly kill those things or was it just an accident? Eating food is essential and everyone must do it. What if food is scarse? And people start killing each other for the last piece of meat? Are they evil or just desperate? Is a mentally ill person really evil or just simply fooled, a prisoner of his own mind?

I think everyone are good persons, no matter what they've done. Some people are just tricked by evil spirits. But what you choose to do in life is what will win.

What is truth?

Truth is something relative from person to person and is based mainly on your brain size, but also your capacity to enhance memories, experiences, thoughts and concepts in your mind. Based on your current knowledge about how the world works and the information that exists. Truthseekers are also good at totally excavate sources, they want to know why something is written or said, why something is true and who said it, where does the source come from? What are the motives behind it? Is it greed? Politics? To get funding? Are the people stating this valid and neutral in their judgement, and if they are not, this will be keept in consideration. A truthseeker look at ALL available sources on certain topics, read literally everything and then draw conclusions when arguments from both sides've been presented and explained thoroughly.

But intelligence will never bring you truth. Since your physical mind is limited and inside a little box that is you. Infinite and eternal knowledge can only come from within. It is internal. Meditation and breathing techniques will bring you more wisdom than any knowledge in this world. Being open and forgiving. Letting things go. Avoiding unnecessary fights. Flee and recover. No matter what people do to your body, be it hurt you, lash you, chop of your fingers or hands, your mind will always belong to you. People might manipulate you, treat you like shit and steal from you, but that doesn't matter much, since you'll always have your mind free, clear and present.

Face your fears and stay brave no matter what. Stay strong in situations you hate, face people you really hate and you shall realise they are nothing but sad, pathetic cowards. Face your own faults and flaws and aknowledge them and notice when they occur and try to control them. Controling your mind is more important than controling your body, which you can't. An arm might get chopped of in an car accident tomorrow, your skull might get smushed into a brick wall. But your mind always remain. So do the best of it. Search deep within yourself, breathe and let everything go. Forgive yourself as you forgive others. Speak loud, even scream it. Your mind is easily shaped by your words, actions and your choises. So you can always better yourself, once you really want to. Then do it. I meditate before I go to bed. I repeat certain sentences that work for me, things I want to improve on or get better at. Things I want to avoid. Be certain and say it loud and clear. Think it. Think positive thoughts, think realistic thought, be honest.

Always be true with yourself, only then will you see the truth.

The truth is, you cannot show evidence for God to any person who doesn't believe in God. Much like you cannot show evidence to someone who doesn't believe in reality itself. There are never any sure things. There is only faith. What you percieve will always change, as the world is an infinitely complex being, just like dream. And much like reality is a dream. Everything is possible. And every opportunity is a blessing to be thankful for. Life is a treat you should be thankful for.

~ Manifesto made by 5dope . com - Sunday the 9:th june of 2019.


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